Krown City Surf Longboards

Cross step around town in style with a Krown City Surf! Very much like the Krown Pintails the City Surf Longboards share the same shape, the major difference is the length. City Surfs are 3 inches more board to love. The extra length compared to the Krown Pintails makes the City Surfs more ideal for dancing as it gives the rider more space to show off their smooth moves. Other than dancing the City Surfs make for good cruising boards.

Though a rider is not limited to only those styles, with the right skill and practice a rider can use the City Surfs for more technical riding styles, such as downhill and freeride. City Surfs narrow at the nose and tail, lowering the chance of wheel bite, as well as wheel wells to further reduce the wheels from biting.

MSRP: $89.95