Krown Exotic Bamboo Longboard

Ride in style on a Krown Exotic Bamboo Longboard! These boards are great for all around use and riding styles. The construction of these boards is what makes them stand out. Exotics are built with a bamboo and maple sandwich, which means the top and bottom plies of the deck are bamboo while the core of the board is maple. The bamboo makes the board flexible which is great for riders that like to do freestyle or dance; as the flex of the board dampens, the shock of impact when preforming tricks makes it easier on the rider to keep balance. The bamboo construction also dampens all the normal bumps you would feel, making rougher terrain easier to traverse. Exotics are setup with 7 inch black traditional kingpin trucks, 71 millimeter 78a white wheels, abec 7 bearings, and clear spray on grip to show off the graphic and the texture of the bamboo.

MSRP: $99.95