Looking to hit some hills or get sideways? Then the Krown Elites are what you are looking for! These boards are made with drop through mounts so the board sits lower giving the rider a lower center of gravity, also reducing the effort needed to push these boards around. Elites are constructed from 9 plies of Canadian Maple which makes for a sturdy and stiff board. Being stiffer boards makes them better suited for higher speeds and sliding. Also the size of the board benefits downhill and freeride riders by being a bit shorter than other boards. The shorter length makes it easier to get into a proper tucking position for downhill riding. Elite boards shorter length also means its wheelbase is smaller making it easier for riders to break free and get sideways. The drop through longboard includes heavy duty Aluminum 7.0” reverse kingpin trucks, 71mm 78A high-rebound urethane wheels, precision speed Abec 7 bearings, high tensile Philips head mounting hardware, and 80 grit black grip tape. Each component meets the industry standards and are a common choice of skaters worldwide.